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UPC: C/ Jordi Girona 31, (08034 - Barcelona) - IDAEA: C/ Jordi Girona 18-26, (08034 - Barcelona)

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Stochastic hydrogeology (SH)


While the equations that govern groundwater flow and solute transport are well known, due to the heterogeneity of natural processes the parameters intervening in these equations are highly variable. The natural variability cannot be characterized exhaustively, leading to huge uncertainty in the independent and dependent functions. Stochastic hydrogeology tackles this problem by assuming that all the hydrogeological parameters and variables are regionalized variables, that is, spatial random functions characterized by a few statistical moments and a correlation function. Dependent variables (heads, fluxes, concentrations,...) are thus presented in a statistical terms, that is looking for predictors and a measure of uncertainty given by statistical moments. Some of the subjects we study in this course are:

  • Interpretation of pump tests in heterogeneous aquifers
  • Interpretation of tracer tests in heterogeneous aquifers
  • Upscaling: representative values at different support scales
  • Ergodic and non-ergodic transport. Travel time analysis
  • Coupled flow and transport parameters. Impact upon solute transport of non-conservative solutes
  • Equivalent transport equation


Heterogeneous media, regionalized variables, random processes, hydraulic tests, tracer tests, upscaling, effective values, ergodicity


  • FUNMIG (Fundamental processes in radionuclide migration)
  • Colaboraciones otras instituciones

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